Local File inclusion + File Upload = Remote Code execution - MMACTF 2015 web 300 writeup

Sep 7, 2015 • webchallenges, ctf-web

A combination of Local File inclusion + Arbitrary File Upload leads to Remote Code execution - MMACTF web 300 writeup

We are greeted with a page which has both register and a login option. After playing around a bit with it, I decided to register a new account and to my surprise I saw a file upload option (man I love file uploads). Also I noticed the URL structure which looks like this:


It seems they are including pages so I tried to use php://filters to print out the source code in base64 and it did :-).


Using the same method I got the source code for all the pages including db.php, settings.php, and login.php. From the settings.php I understood that the sha1 of the uploaded image is taken as the filename and if it is has a jpg/png extension, it is also appended to the final filename and is stored in a directory avators. If it has any other extensions, it simply neglects it.

One quick thing came to mind is to upload a php shell and include it via the LFI but a problem that I faced is that the the server was automatically appending .php extension to which ever filename and they are using the latest version of php where nullbyte %00 injection will not work. Well, I didn’t had a clue what to do next.

I started looking at the other available php wrappers and I came across an interesting one called zip:///path/to/filename#dir/file and that looks pretty interesting. So I wrote a simple php shell, compressed it (.zip) and renamed it to shell.jpg and I uploaded it. So now I have my shell in the zip format. Then I included the location of the shell via zip wrapper:


So the zip intakes the image for extraction and its a valid zip. So it extracted, I gave a name shell to the extracted file and the server added the .php extension for me which easily executed. From the home.php source code, I knew the location of the flag and all I did was to use webshell to print it for me.

The challenge was really amazing and I am excited to learn new concepts like this. Thanks for the MMACTF organizers for taking efforts to create good challenges.

Anirudh Anand

Product Security ♥ | CTF - @teambi0s | Security Trainer - @7asecurity | certs - eWDP, OSCP, OSWE